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High school GPA calculator helps you to easily compute your high school GPA based on your letter grade, credits, and weight.

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About High School GPA Calculator

The high school GPA calculator is a free tool where you can easily calculate your grade point average. It takes the grade you received in each course, credit hours, and weight or course type from the users and shows the GPA result based on the given data. Also, it allows you to enter the current or cumulative GPA and credits to find the overall GPA.

The GPA is a very important metric in high school and college. It shows your performance and potential in class exams. A high GPA is good to get accepted into a preferred college. Also, it helps you to qualify for scholarships and other honors in school.

Using our tool, you can save your time and effort as compared to the manual calculation. In addition, it's helpful to better understand your standing in class and find the areas that need to be improved.

High School GPA Calculator

How to Calculate High School GPA?

To calculate high school GPA, we need to multiply credit hours by grade points and then sum up all the values. After that, divide the resultant value by the sum of credit hours. For a better understanding, read the following formula.

GPA =  
c1×g1 + c2×g2 + c3×g3 + ...
c1 + c2 + c3 + ...

c = Credit Hours
g = Grade points

Note: Make sure to convert the letter grade into its numerical grade point based on your school grading scale. Our high school GPA calculator uses the most common grading scale that all schools used in the United States.

Now let's take an example.


Suppose, an individual received the following grades in a school exam. Calculate the GPA based on the values.

  • A in math course worth 3 credits (Course type: Regular)
  • A- in history course worth 1 credit (Course type: Honors)
  • B+ in science course worth 4 credits (Course type: AP)
  • B in English course worth 2.5 credits (Course type: Regular)

Firstly, we will convert the letter grade into its numerical grade form based on the weight or course type. Remember that, the numerical values are different for each course type.

  • A = 4 (for Regular)
  • A- = 4.17 (for Honors)
  • B+ = 4.33 (for AP)
  • B = 3 (for Regular)

Now we have grade points and credit values. So, the next step is to place all the values into the GPA formula.

GPA = (3×4) + (1×4.17) + (4×4.33) + (2.5×3) / (3 + 1 + 4 + 2.5)

= 12 + 4.17 + 17.32 + 7.5 / 10.5

= 40.99 / 10.5

= 3.90

As we can see, the manual calculation is complex and we need to find the grade points for each grade using the GPA scale table. So, it's better to use our high school GPA calculator to get rid of all of these things.

How to use High School GPA Calculator?

  1. Firstly, select the grades that you earned in your high school exam.
  2. Find the credit hours for each course from your teacher and enter them in our tool.
  3. Lastly, select the weight or course type. It may be regular, honors, AP, IB, or college. So, choose the appropriate one for each course.
  4. Also, you can add more classes using the "+ Add Class" button.
  5. After entering all the values, just press the "Calculate" button. Our calculator will do the rest of the work for you.
  6. As a result, you will get the GPA and total credits on your screen. In addition, our tool shows the full GPA calculation on how the results came.
  7. Moreover, you can add your current or cumulative GPA and credit points and determine the overall GPA.
  8. For new calculations, press the "Reset" button.