Final GPA Calculator

Use our Final GPA Calculator to find what additional GPA is needed in your next term in order to reach your target GPA.

About Final GPA Calculator

Welcome to our Final GPA Calculator. It allows you to calculate the additional GPA needed to get the desired GPA in your final exam. It takes your current GPA, target GPA, current credits, and additional credits as input and gives what additional GPA is needed to achieve the desired GPA. In short, it's the best tool to set your goals and plan the course schedule accordingly.

Final GPA Calculator

How to Calculate Final GPA?

To calculate the final GPA, we will use the following formula.

Final GPA = ((CHours + AHours) × TGPA) - (CHours × CGPA) / AHours

CHours = Current Credit Hours
AHours = Additional Credit Hours
TGPA = Target GPA
CGPA = Current GPA

Now let's take an example.


Calculate the final GPA for the following values:

  • Current GPA = 3.23
  • Target GPA = 3.5
  • Current Credit Hours = 25
  • Additional Credit Hours = 30

Place all the given values in the formula and we get:

Final GPA = ((25+30) × 3.5) - (25 × 3.23) / 30

= (192.5 - 80.75) / 30

= 111.75 / 30

= 3.73 (Letter grade: A-)

Note: Our final GPA calculator uses the most common GPA scale used by most schools and colleges in the United States. Please confirm it from your institution before the calculation.

How to use Final GPA Calculator?

  1. Firstly, collect the parameters and enter the required values.
  2. Now click on the "Calculate" button.
  3. As a result, our tool shows the final GPA result on your screen within a second. In addition, you can see the letter grade result according to the final GPA.