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Use our college GPA calculator to easily calculate your grade point average according to your letter grades and credit points.

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About College GPA Calculator

Welcome to our College GPA Calculator. It lets you compute the grade point average (GPA) based on your course grades and credits. It takes users' grades and credit points for each course and calculates GPA based on the data provided. Also, it includes an additional feature, such as the ability to calculate the cumulative GPA. In short, it's the best tool for tracking the class exam performance and achieving goals.

College GPA Calculator

What is GPA?

GPA stands for "Grade Point Average". It is used to represent academic achievement in college or high school. In most colleges or institutions, GPA is calculated on a 4.0 scale. With a 4.0 being the highest possible GPA. Also, this scale assigns numerical values to letter grades and it's provided in the following table.

GPA Scale

Letter GradePercent Grade4.0 Scale GPA
FBelow 600

Note: Our GPA calculator uses the above grading scale to show results. But always check the grading scale used by your institution and ensure that the calculator you are using is compatible with that scale.

How to Calculate Grade Point Average?

To calculate GPA, we will use the GPA formula. That is given below.


GPA =  
c1×g1 + c2×g2 + c3×g3 + ...
c1 + c2 + c3 + ...

c = Credits
g = Grade points

Here's an example:

Suppose a student received the following grades. Find the overall GPA of the college term or semester.

  • B in Math class worth 3 credits
  • A- in Physics class worth 5 credits
  • A+ in Project worth 4 credits

Firstly, convert the letter grade to grade points. For that, you can use the GPA scale table.

  • B = 3
  • A- = 3.67
  • A+ = 4

Now place all values in the GPA formula.

GPA = (3 × 3) + (5 × 3.67) + (4 × 4) / (3 + 5 + 4)

= 9 + 18.35 + 16 / 12

= 43.35 / 12

= 3.61

So, the student got an overall 3.61 GPA in the college term.

How to use College GPA Calculator?

The process is as follows:

  1. Firstly, enter the grades and credit hours for each course. Also, you can enter the course name. It's optional.
  2. Once you have entered all the values, click on the "Calculate" button.
  3. Finally, our tool will calculate the GPA and shows the GPA result and total credits with the calculation on your screen.
  4. Also, you can repeat the above steps and calculate your GPA for multiple semesters or terms.
  5. Lastly, our tool gives you access to enter the previous cumulative GPA and credits to check your overall GPA. It's an optional feature.