Weighted Grade Calculator

Weighted average grade calculator is nothing just like a normal calculator which can take out your average marks in all of the courses. Most of the schools and universities give assignments to the students whose marks are counted along with the marks in the final examination to determine the total score of a student in a subject. In such situations, you can calculate the average score carried by your assignments using a weighted grade calculator, the average score you have achieved in the subjects is calculated either in the assignments or anything. We can also find out how much percents you need more for completing the course with the help of grade calculator with weighted percentages.

This weighted course grade calculator is one of the online programs of grade conversion tool which finds out the average of all courses you have participated. It not necessary that you only calculate the weighted average of your course apart from this you can go for any weight to find the average by using it. This weighted assignment grade calculator will find out the worth of each and every course by the calculation of average.

How Weighted Grade Calculators Works

The next question which you might have in mind now is how can the calculator be used. It is very easy and simple to use a weighted grade calculator you just have to put asked the weights of the particular unit you want to measure and its percentage total in the columns and then press enter to get your final result. In this article today we are going to tell you about how these calculators work with different types of such calculators.

Almost we all are aware of calculating the average or arithmetic mean for any series or data set. As in it, we have to add up the numbers and divide them by total counting of numbers in the set for finding the average value. But there might arise situations where all the values in a data have equal importance in correspondence to the whole group or data collection. This weighted calculator can be used in such situations also when all the values in the data set have equal weightage. Like, if you wanted to calculate the average of your whole year electricity bill then in this term you have to add the entire amount of 12 months bill and then divide the result by twelve which will give you a rough estimation of your one monthly bill.

Weighted Total Grade Calculator

It is the calculator in which you can find out the average of your grades. Most of us have weighed marks for each subject and there might be some tests or assignments which might have more importance than the other marks. So in such situations, if you want to calculate your average marks you cannot do so by simply driving the total marks by the number of subjects.

Here are some easy steps for how you can find the percentage from weighed data :

  • First, write down your grades in percentage and the weight assigned to each of them in percentage.
  • Then convert the percentages into decimals.
  • Then multiply each grade with their respective weights assigned
  • Then add together the resultant total, or weighed scores you have got now.
  • Make sure that the total of the weights assigned to each entity must add up to 100.
  • Now multiply your weighed score with 100 to get your actual percentage.

Now calculating this manually using the above steps can be a tedious process. Also, there might chance of errors or discrepancies in your result. Hence you can use a weighed total grade calculator in such situations which are specially designed to find out the average marks out of weighed data.

Whenever we get grades in different subjects it becomes necessary to get an average so that we can assess our performance as a whole. In this term, you just have to put all your grades achieved in this online calculator and then divide it by the total number of subjects. You need not perform it manually, you will get all your answers by using this grade calculator weighted in just seconds without even creating any mistake or avoiding chances of error.

Weighted Grade Point Average Calculator College

Most of the colleges and institutions have a Grade Point Average or GPA grading system. In this, grade points are assigned to each subject instead of percentages. The GPA range is decided on the basis of the percentage achieved in each subject.

Now while calculating your average marks from the GPA is easy, it becomes tricky is there are weights assigned to the GPA. Most of the colleges have weighed GPA system, i.e., they assign weights to the exams or assessments based on their difficulties rather than the marks you have achieved. For instance, a student getting  A’s in the challenging topics of a subject might get 5 GPA, while a student getting A’s in easy topics of the same subject might get 4 GPA.

So if you have a GPA system in your college then definitely you will wish to find the average grade of your all courses. So, you can find out your performance and where you stand with respect to the rest of the class. This online weighted grade calculator provided here will find out the average of all the grades you have achieved in the whole semester or year depending on your choice. You just have to fill in your GPA scores for each of your subject and the percentage or weights for each of them. Then you can calculate your average grade point easily and get your results without any trouble.

Excel Weighted Grade Calculator

It is not very difficult to create your own college weighted grade calculator or any other by using an excel spreadsheet. Although we are not going to discuss these steps apart from this we are going to talk about the online excel calculators. You can simply calculate the average by using the SUM function of a spreadsheet which is having its own formula. You have to, first of all, add all your grades or marks in the spreadsheet then apply this SUM function from that particular row or column till the end. At last press enter and your result is ready.

Mercer Weighted Grade Calculator

This grade calculator is named after a renowned University which is Mercer University. They are having their own online GPA calculator which is available for everyone. You all are able to calculate your grade points by using this grade calculator points weighed. By the help of it, you can find out either your semester GPA or for an entire year it is all your choice and depends on the availability.

Final Grade Calculator with Weighted Points

You can simply find out your final grades in all courses by using this calculator. The weighted grade is normally equal to the sum of the product of the weights in percentage times the grade. This final grade calculator weighted as one of the most used GPA calculators, especially for college students.

How To Use Class Grade Calculator

If you wanted to find out your own grades in your class then in such circumstances you can use this calculator. To calculate follow the below steps;

1. First of all, add all of the points you have achieved in different subjects.

2. Now, calculate the total number of possible points.

3. Next, simply divide the result of the first point with the second point.

4. After it, convert your result in the percentage by simply multiplying it with 100.

By following this method you will get the percentage of your class grades. There are also different types of online calculators available in this series.

Test Grade Calculator

By using this calculator you can find out the average grade you have achieved in your class tests. It is very simple to use just follow the similar steps as mentioned above for using any online calculator.

Overall Grade Calculator

Either you are a student or teacher or parents, you all are free to use these calculators for calculating yours or your child’s total grade in all subjects. For finding the overall average grade in all subjects simply enter the digits your child has received individually.

Amazing Grade Calculator

It is another type of calculator which helps you in calculating your grades in your class tests, exams or anything. You can use it for your betterment as it leaves no scope for the mistake if the entered data is accurate.


So, this was the entire description of the online average weighted calculator. There are various sites which are offering such type of calculators you can go through them for calculating your own grades. It is completely free to use and easily accessible.

It will help you to calculate the weighted average not just for your school or college marks, but any other type of data. For example, you can use it to calculate your average monthly budget, financial calculations such as average bond yield, calculating batting average in cricket, etc.